- The Peephole Gallery


peephole gallery
Peephole Gallery in construction
Conveniently located in our public restroom, The Peephole Gallery hosts both group and solo exhibitions. Inspired by the sex shop that was the building’s previous tenant, this gallery came about after the discovery of several tiny peep holes creating visual channels between the rooms here at Alter Space. Since their discovery we have increased these holes in number and size to create a gallery that supports artists working across various mediums who play with scale, viewer interaction, and other worlds.
We are currently accepting submissions for the Peephole Gallery. Please email contact@alterspace.co

Upcoming in the Peephole Gallery: Carrie Sinclair Katz

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    was founded in 2012 by Koak and Kevin Krueger. We offer a multi-use space which currently functions as our studios, a main exhibitions space, printshop, a permanent museum installation called the Bowery, and is also home to the Peephole Gallery.