While You Were Gone…

Group Exhibition guest curated by Amanda Roscoe Mayo

November 8 – December 8, 2012

(opening reception Friday, November 9 at 7-10pm)


Detail view of work by Adam Joseph Brochstein.

Here is a photo

Detail view of work by Caleb Jagger.

Detail view work by Greg Stimac.



Detail view of work by Caleb Jagger.

Detail view of work by Caleb Jagger.

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While You Were Gone… investigates the replacement of history through the lens of local memory as situated by artists Adam Joseph Brochstein, Caleb Jagger, and Greg Stimac. The phenomenology of memory is one that is represented in many forms, through oral retelling, photography, written document, and film. These artists are looking at isolated locations to record the contemporaneous societies present in these particular small towns as well as how this has affected general Americana. Significantly while these places still subsist, they, in a way, exist to serve the memory of what they once were.

About the Artists: